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Santa Cruz t-shirt artist, Eric Berg, is a professional writer-illustrator who got into the shirt biz by accident. It happened years ago in San Francisco, when a copy editor at a newspaper Eric wrote for, asked him to come up with a t-shirt design. The shirt was such a hit, the request was followed by “have you ever thought about doing this for a living?”

An accomplished airbrush artist and digital artist, Berg combines screen printed images with hand airbrushed shadows and color detailing to create realistic, almost 3D, wildlife and aviation t-shirt designs you won’t find anywhere else.

jack's hackA long time reptile and bird enthusiast, Berg has stomped thru jungles of Central and South American drawing and photographing most of the animals featured on his wildlife t-shirts.

Berg is an avid weekend aviation buff and modeler of propeller driven airplanes. His museum quality WWII fighters and bombers have provided inspiration for many a warbird t-shirt.

Eric Berg is also a health education writer and illustrator of over a hundred titles published by ETR Associates in Scotts Valley, CA. Title subjects range from cyberbully issues and HIV awareness to binge drinking and self esteem problems targeted at high school teenagers.

etr covers

Berg’s latest project is called Teens & Cyber Safety: Online or Texting.

Cyber Safety pamphlet art work by Eric Berg

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Spud BoyAnimation Shirts started in 1982 as a preprint line of cartoons by artist Eric Berg in Berkeley, CA. hence the name “Animation”. The first series featured Eric’s alter ego cartoon buddy, “Spud Boy”. These were screen printed with black water base inks outlines and colored by hand with airbrush.

For many years Animation Shirts were sold only at art and crafts festivals in 6 Western States direct from our booth staffed by Eric or members of his family who helped produce the t-shirts in between shows, from his current studio in Santa Cruz, CA. When the internet came along, Animation Shirts established it’s online presence with www.3dshirts.com in 1995.

The digital age arrived big in the 90’s and Eric tossed his colored pencils and drawing pads and switched to a digital drawing pen/airbrush and tablet. Eric hasn’t looked back since.

Along with digital technology, came advances in color separations allowing Eric to create realistic 3d six color screen prints enhanced later with a minimum of airbrush.

Animation Shirts was among the first to pioneer the use of environmentally friendly water based inks and continues to use them today.

Eric’s passion for piston driven fighter planes led to his creation of the 3D Warbird t-shirt series a few years ago making good use of our 8 color manual press.

Animation Shirts took another digital step forward in 2009 by adding a state of the art digital inkjet garment printer to it’s stable.